I believe I’ve mentioned before my high interest in Canadian black metal, particularly bands in and around the Quebec scene. They sound that region has been cultivating is so unique to it’s geography and there are so many killer bands that come from there, it’s hard not to be taken with it.

Monarque is one such band. While they aren’t as “atmospheric” or introspective as a lot of their regional contemporaries, they do offer an interesting take on black metal. More orthodox in approach, the album blasts through break neck black metal songs, letting the vocals and guitar take center stage. The guitar work is amazing and gets into some highly melodic areas based on speed alone, that really add a different kind of atmospherics to the album that differs from the typical soundscape effects.

Like I said, the album is more classic black metal in style and the bruisers are there. Some songs remind me of a less melodic, early Swedish black metal, but it’s those moments of melody and beauty that really help this album stand out.

I have a whole pile of other Canadian black metal bands I’ve been meaning to share on here so consider this the first of that selection and put this in your ears.