I love finding these early 80′s, obscure metal bands. Metal was at such a unique place at the time, fracturing off into to many styles that would become the standards we all know and love today. In that time there were so many bands just sort of stuck in the middle of it all. Take Sweden’s Gotham City. Clearly the band is inspired by the NWOBHM bands. While the galloping bass and soaring guitar solos would be enough, the band goes for a more epic sound, boarding on what a lot of up and coming power metal bands would be striving to do. There’s even a (poorly drawn) barbarian on the cover. But then it has it’s “hard rock” type moments. Typical 80′s style hard rock that often gets mistaken for metal.

The band only put out this one full-length, a couple EPs and then vanished from the earth. If they could have found some consistency like in their more epic metal songs, this album would have been a bonafide classic, instead it’s just pretty damn good and another lost gem from the early days of metal and Sweden.