Despite my rabid consumption of all things metal there are bands, long standing bands, that I’ve overlooked (hence the blog) or bands I’ve always been aware of but just never bothered to give them the time of day. Metal Church is one of those bands.

Now Metal Church has been around since the early 80′s and since I’m just diving into a full album of theirs, I’m not going to discuss their history, dozens of members or consistency of their releases because, well, I don’t really know. I know that Metal Church is usually regarded as a classic thrash/power metal band and I could probably draw their logo from memory but as I said, I’ve never really delved much into their music. I figured their first album would be a good place to start because it seems a lot of those early California thrash bands first albums were when they peaked.

I’ve got to say, this album is pretty fucking fun. To my ears it’s more a mixture of thrash and power metal as opposed to one or the other. There’s a lot of thrash elements but then they drop some epic duel guitar riffs and some ballads and it goes right into early power metal mode. Probably the remnants of the NWOBHM rubbing off on them like so many of the bands from this time. The vocals are pretty killer. More thrash, which reminds me somewhat of Bobby Blitz from Overkill with his nasally snarl but there are some odder moments where it goes almost full on King Diamond. Weird.

Any who, despite my lack of interest in Metal Church, I had a good time with album. I can see how some consider this a classic and I might of as well had I heard it earlier. It’s still a good album and a nice example of what power metal and thrash were doing in the early 80′s.