I feel like I’ve written about Thrawsunblat before on this blog but I can’t find any sort of posting. That’s surprising given my affection for Canadian black metal and of course, Thrawsunblat.

Thrawsunblat started as another project from the majority of the band Woods of Ypres. In 2011 when main Ypres member and Thrawsunblat drummer David Gold passed, that all but sealed the deal for Ypres but Thrawsunblat soldiered on. Gold was only featured on the bands Canada 2010 demo.

Now with that out of the way, I love Thrawsunblat’s 2013 release Thrawsunblat II: Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings. It’s one of my favorite melodic/folk/black metal albums of recent times. I’m more of a full-length album kind of guy and I tend to grab those from a band first before going back and getting EP’s and demos, particularly demos because I find a lot of them to have poor production and the songs are typically recycled into the first full-length release. Not so with Thrawsublat’s demo.

Firstly, the production is pretty damn good for a demo. It sounds amazing. The songs aren’t on the first album either so this is almost their first album. Where Ypres started off more black metal and ended up more dark metal/gothic, Thrawsunblat go all out black metal. It’s folk and nature focus attack is epic in almost as grand in scale as classic epic black metal bands like Summoning, without all the Lord of the Rings references. It’s a very European approach.

I’m not surprised this demo is fucking killer given how great their first album is. Now would be a good time to get into this band and Woods of Ypres.