Let’s keep the “hate” band names going and delve into some Hate Eternal today.

Hate Eternal is yet another one of those bands that I’d always heard about but never really tried out. They released a new album this year and I figured now’s a good as time as any and I rather enjoyed it. Nothing amazing but solid death metal. However I was informed that their first album is where it’s at so I gave that one a go and, um yeah, this one is a crusher.

Now part of my familiarity with Hate Eternal comes from the various band members other projects. Erik Rutan had a stint with Morbid Angel as well as being one of the more prominent death metal producers but his first band Ripping Corpse is incredible. Doug Cerrito provides guitar on some of the best Suffocation albums. Jared Anderson (R.I.P. 2006) while also doing a stint in Morbid went on to be the sole member of Internecine, which is fucking incredible.

While Hate Eternal’s lineup changes after this album, the combined forces of all these players leave one devastating death metal album in it’s wake. Coming out in 1999 it was well past the Florida scene’s prime but it borrows heavily from the scenes sound. Hate Eternal are their own beast and not so much copying that sound so much as it’s ferocity and technical playing prowess. Speaking of technical, the playing on this album is jaw dropping but not so showy. It all serves the larger picture, which is crushing death metal.

So, my friend was right and this debut album blows their current release out of the water. Get some death metal up in your skull today.