A Hate Forest sounds like the place for me. Nothing but hateful trees or a wooded area full of hate. Despite the imagery conjured by the bands name, I was a long time coming to this band. I’ve seen them recommended dozens of times so I finally broke down and gave them a shot.

 It’s odd it took me this long as Hate Forest is comprised of two of the members of Drudkh so the black metal pedigree speaks for itself there. This being their first album, it’s much different that Drudkh, at least where Drudkh’s been for the bast handful of albums. Hate Forest is more aggressive, more sinister, dirtier, and rougher. It’s black metal through and through but a lot of it, to my ears, sounds like nasty death metal. The vocals in particular. It’s heavy on monotony, with pounding drums and guitars that are played at break neck speeds, often times the same note over and over again. It’s a dismal album and would be the perfect soundtrack to listen to when I’m living in this fantasy, hate filled forest.