It’s October so it’s about time I got some more horror centric bands in here and Deceased are ripe for an entry.

Deceased’s 1997 album Fearless Undead Machine is one of my favorite works of zombie fiction. That concept album is not only well played, catchy as fuck, but just a ton of fun. Fuck The Walking Dead, give me Fearless. So typically that is one of my go to albums for this time of year. Little did I know I was neglecting their follow up, Supernatural Addiction. While sticking with their tried and true death/thrash style the band adds in a healthy melodic dose courtesy of NWOBHM and bordering on power metal. It’s still thrashing and heavy death but that new melodic element makes this album stand out. It reminds me more of October 31, the excellent horror filled band that the lead singer is a member of. Check them out as well.

Following Fearless, Supernatural is a concept album but instead of focussing entirely on zombies, it takes a more introspective approach focusing more on the psychological horrors. Each song is based on a previous work whether it be an episode of the Twilight Zone or a Richard Matheson story. The main thing about this band (and October 31) is they are just plain fun. They write killer tunes about crazy things and they’re the perfect compliment to the Halloween season.