Hey, look! One of my favorite metal phenomenons: An obscure band that only put out one killer album. This one is really off the beaten path as well.

Bekhira existed for a brief period in the mid 90′s in France. At that time the French were making a splash with their cult like group of black metal musicians in the Les Légions Noires, a collective of bands mostly made up of teenagers making some of the most dissonant, low fi, black metal noise around. They’ve gone on to much acclaim in the metal world and are typically the go to topic when discussing early French black metal. Bekhira, while being fairly dissonant in their own right, put out a single demo in 1996 then vanished into obscurity only to later release a full-length album in 2004. It’s highly reminiscent of the mid 90′s French black metal period but much more enjoyable. It actually sounds like music and isn’t determined to try your patience. It’s a low fi, bleak, aggressive and hateful record and I wonder why it’s not held in higher regard while the LLN movement is.

If you’re looking for some awesome, obscure, beautiful French black metal, Bekhira’s one and only album is the one for you.