So if you’re a fan of extreme metal you’ve most likely heard of Deathspell Omega. If not, stop reading this right now and go listen to some Deathspell Omega.


Before the amazing Deathspell Omega progressed black metal into unknown realms of avant-garde incredibleness, the founding members were in Hirilorn, a short lived band that produced a handful of demos, EPs, splits, and one full-length album and despite the fact that I’m a huge Deathspell fan, that album is new to me. I feel rather ashamed of myself, actually, that this had not hit my ears earlier because it’s a fucking triumphant powerhouse of black metal excellence.

Besides being just full to the brim with amazing black metal sounds, the thing that stands out the most to me is the masterful guitar playing. It’s higher in the mix and a real focus on the album. There are typical black metal, guitar pummeling moments, but for the most part the guitar work is like an unending, soaring solo. It’s beautiful work and reminds me of some power metal players but reworked into a blizzard of black metal frigidity. Combine that with the killer vocals, swirling atmosphere and you have one incredible album. I’m surprised this isn’t hailed more often. Put it in your fucking ears.