It seems I’m on a Finnish metal streak this week so let’s keep this train moving.

Mustan Kuun Lapset are playing a thrashy, blackened form of metal with some folk elements thrown in for good measure. Metal-Archives has “dark metal” and there are some more mournful, melodic parts but when I think of “dark metal” bands from Finland (yes, scarping that obscurity barrel) I think of Rapture or Sentenced. While Mustan Kuun aren’t quite as morose as Rapture or as deadpan, gothic humorous as Sentenced ended up being, they have their moments of tranquility. For the most part it’s fast paced, and any moments where it starts to get joyfully sad don’t last to long as it’s back to crushing.

Finland’s extreme metal bands are all over the place ranging from the crazy, weird, experimental to the more straight forward but by and large, they always deliver something worth hearing. Mustan Kuun have an awesome album here that’s a bit off the beaten extreme path but is highly infectious.