You may or may not know that I’m a sucker for these “post” black metal bands. Despite Deafheaven getting all the attention, this genre does have some incredible bands. Bands that are way more deserving of the attention. Harakiri For the Sky is one such band.

The band is firmly rooted in the modern black metal sensibilities and the post elements seem to be in the spotlight, although they do seem to venture into the depressive black metal side of things, conjuring sweeping and beautiful melodies. I’ve often sung the praises of the beauty that black metal can capture and exude and to the outside this may seem like a strange concept, but there’s moments of sheer splendor, grandiosity, and uncompromising emotion in the music and Harakiri masterfully bring all that out. The song “Panoptycon” is a prime example of this and also features Eklatanz from the band Heretoir, who share a similar approach to black metal.

This is a gorgeous album from start to finish. A bit off the beaten black metal road but nonetheless, incredible.