Sweet merciful crap, this week was a fucking bulldozer of killer new metal. There was so much it kept me from most of my daily metal exploration posts, which I miss doing and will make a full effort to get back to that next week.

Fall is going to happen at any minute and there’s not better music for the seasonal change than metal music. It’s a good thing the world has deemed it necessary to release such a killer downpour this week. Seriously, get on this and blast those fucking ears off.

NEW STUFF: (Links in the titles) 

My Dying Bride – Feel the Misery
Sweet misery. My Dying Bride still doing what they do so well. Mournful, crushing, and heavily oppressive Euro doom.

Skepticism – Ordeal
Skepticism return seven years after their magnificent album Alloy with a new album recorded entirely in one take, in front of an audience. The result is an interesting exploration on what an offering of new material can be like. It doesn’t immediately hit you that this is live until the end of the second song when you hear some audience clapping as the album is recorded masterfully. I can only imagine how much prep went into the performance as the band comes off stellar and just crushes it’s way through the six new songs and two older songs that still seem right at place. Skepticism prove once again that they are one of the great innovators and acts in funeral doom and this new album, no matter how it was produced, is fucking excellent.

Ritual Killer – Exterminance
Ten years since their last release, Ritual Killer has unleashed some awesome, furious, straight forward black metal nastiness. Coming from most of the members of Goatwhore, and previously members of the much praised Acid Bath, Ritual Killer may now be my favorite thing to spawn from these Louisiana metal-ers.

Lucero – All A Man Should Do
God damn this new Lucero album makes me so happy. As far as Lucero is concerned, their first six albums are all incredible and while I prefer the old, sad, heartbreak songs on Tennessee I’m also a big fan of the more raucous, Springsteen-like stylings of their later albums like 1372 Overton Park, where they started adding the horn section and more soul style sounds. It pained me to say that their last album, Women & Work was a misfire and an album I rarely listen to. They went to far into the soul aspect and lost the focus. Well, they’ve found it again and it fills me with delight. They’ve finally found a good marriage of the sad bastard country songs, rock anthems, and horn infused soul, dancing songs. There’s a good mix of all represented on this album. Mournful, down on your luck songs that would have fit perfectly on Tennessee, rock and roll boogie, happy love songs like the ones that were done so well on the Texas and Tennessee EP, some new explorations and of course, the later era soul, horn infusion, upbeat songs. Damn I love Lucero, welcome back boys.

Rocka Rollas – Pagan Ritual
I never get tired of good speed metal and it seems to be going through a bit of a mini resurgence. Despite their horrible, horrible band name, Rocka Rollas deliver some hyper speed metal fun that treads fairly close to older power metal. Solid.

Phlegein – From the Land of Death
Gotta love that Finnish black metal. Just unrelenting in it’s, well, unrelentingness. Hate filled, Satanic black metal that cuts through the crap and just pummels the senses. Also, one of the members was in True Black Dawn, a short lived, amazing, Finnish black metal band.

Tsjuder – Antiliv
Desert Northern Hell is a killer black metal album and set the standard for Tsjuders no frills, “true” Norwegian black metal song writing attitude. There’s no subtlety with these guys, just straight forward, satanic, aggressive black metal. They are almost rigid in their never ceasing desire to be “true” and you don’t have to look any further than the bonus tracks on this new album. They are covers of Mayhem Beherit classics and they do them justice, though not as well as the originals. That aside, this album is a scorcher from front to back. No Desert Northern Hell but good fun.

Blazon Stone – No Sign Of Glory
Man, what’s with all the awesome speed metal lately? To be fair, this is more like the early speedy days of power metal. Not exactly straight ahead speed, but not quite power either. Think early Blind Guardian days, but with a pirate theme. Damn good fun here.

Bonehunter – Evil Triumphs
Bonehunter just comes ripping right out of the gate with an unrelenting fury, blasting a scummed up, punk rock black metal assault that is equal parts early Venom, and early Bathory. Reminds me slightly of earlier Impaled Nazarene or a more vigorous Midnight, with the same sense of humor. Fucking kick ass.

Christian Mistress – To Your Death
At this point Christian Mistress is at home with their classic heavy metal approach. The band is on point, they’ve written some awesome songs and Christine David’s vocals are top notch. Nothing brilliant or deep here, just some good ol’ fashioned heavy metal rocking.

Fluisteraars – Luwte
Fluisteraars first album seemed to come out of nowhere and I was quite taken with it. They had a nice, dismal, slightly atmospheric approach to black metal that seemed kind of gritty or decadent, so naturally I was anticipating this new one. It’s… more of the same if you like that sort of thing. I do, so I enjoyed this album. Maybe not as profound as the first one but it’ll do in a pinch.


Gamma Ray – Heading for Tomorrow
Amorphis – Under the Red Cloud
Kommandant – The Draconian Archetype
Prosanctus Inferi – Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night
Grift – Syner
Horrendous – Anareta
Obituary – Cause of Death
Bolt Thrower – In Battle There Is No Law

Until Next Time…