I could have swore I listened to this bands new album from this year but when I went to find it, it wasn’t there. No trace of it anywhere. I know I listened to some of it or I wouldn’t have considered getting it. My lack of owning their new album came to my attention when I was recommended their 2012 album by my buddy. Seeing as I didn’t actually have the new album, I figured it was a good time to dive into it’s predecessor.

Consisting of former members of Krieg, and Nachtmystium amongst others, the band has a sort of European flair to them, at least based on the cover art. It’s very militaristic, featuring the band (I assume) covered in black military get-ups and gas masks, looking very regimented and disciplined. It sort of reminds me of German industrial metal. Almost early KMFDN aesthetics. It’s very nationalistic look and while that word comes with a shit ton of negative connotations the music and the band, as far as I know, hold none of those values. This is all interesting as the band actually hails from Chicago.

As far as the music goes, the imagery works well with the music as the the album is performed with an almost militaristic approach. Monotonous riffing and drumbeats dominate the blackened/death soundscape. I read some reviews comparing them to Ackercocke or Destroyer 666 and that may be an apt description. Maybe a blend of the two’s earlier work with more repetition. Regardless, the album is a blasting fury of hate-filled violence, dolled out with no intention of letting up. It’s a hell of a listen.