If you read these posts you might remember that Mare Cognitum’s Phobos Monolith ranked highly in my year end list for 2014. It was a triumphant offering of atmospheric black metal and has been a go to album since it’s release. I recently discovered that the one-man bands second album, An Extraconscious Lucidity, an album that was only available digitally and on rare cd-r copies, was getting remastered with a proper release. This sounded like a good enough reason to delve in the back catalog of this band.

Firstly, I implore you to check out Phobos Monolith. You’ll want to hear it after hearing this one, or vice versa. Lucidity is on the same level as Monolith if not maybe a little weaker for having been the second album I heard from the band. I assure you if this had been the first, I would feel about it the way I do about Monolith. This album and musician ranks up there with the best of the one-man, atmospheric, black metal projects. It’s had to imagine this much creativity, stellar production, and flawless execution coming out of one man, but it does, and it’s more impressive for it. Speaking of stellar, the music is highly focussed on cosmic phenomenon, space, and the encompassing darkness. The music is what I would want to hear if I were ever in space, and could here in the vacuum. Instead it’s perfect for star gazing and contemplating the absolute meaninglessness of our existence. Or, if that’s to much, it’s just fucking killer black metal of the more incredible nature. Devour this band.