It’s been a minute since this site has been to Sweden and I’m starting to miss its rich musical lands. Today I’m going to fix that. Today I bring you Afflicted’s Prodigal Sun.

Crushing their way out of the early 90′s, classic Swedish death metal sound, and before the Gothenburg rage, Afflicted were taking a progressive and experimental approach to death metal. The thing about the “progressive” label, I think, is that it gets misapplied quite often. When bands show a predilection for different rhythm structures or timing the first thing they get labeled as, at least in metal, is progressive. Now, Afflicted are undeniably death metal but it seems to my ears that they are more playing with the death metal sound in a progressive way, seeing where the boundaries of the genre lay. The songs are technical and complex but not over indulgent and a good balance is struck between the more psychedelic elements and the straight up death metal elements. There’s moments where you know for certain this is a Swedish death metal album but it’s the flourishes, experimentation and unique approach that push this one above the crowd. Check this one out.