I was completely taken with Kriegsmaschine’s Enemy of Man album from last year, and why wouldn’t I have been? It was made by the two driving forces behind the amazing MGLA, who if I haven’t waxed on about enough I should probably do so more often. Anyways, I’m anxiously awaiting my copy of the new MGLA album to arrive so I figured I would go back and check out Kriegsmaschine’s first album.

Now, Kriegsmaschine started barely before MGLA and both bands have been fairly productive. I’m not so sure one band is an offshoot of the other but I just consider myself lucky that these guys have decided to be in two incredible Polish black metal bands (actually there’s more than two but I’ve only focussed on these two) and that both bands are of such high quality.

I won’t compare Kriegsmaschine to MGLA, although the two bands complement each other greatly,but instead just focus on why Kriegsmaschine in and of themselves are so rad.

Kriegsmaschine is a full blast of black metal aggression. The just go straight for the throat and there’s no relenting, no fucking about and no mercy. The focus of the music is on power and energy and no frills black metal. The Polish seem to have a knack for anger and ferocity when it comes to their black metal. It’s more traditional in it’s approach to black metal but there’s a bit of modern sensibilities particularly in the sharing of vocals with one vocalists using the traditional screechy black metal style, and the other doing a  reverb drenched talk/singing sort of thing.

Kriegsmaschine is a powerhouse of music given life by some amazing musicians. If you like your metal awesome, I implore you put some Kriegsmachine and MGLA into your life.