This just came across my ears last night when my buddy sent it to me via Facebook. Like most of his recommendations, I click the Youtube link and scrub to the middle of to get  a feel for the band/song. When I released the little scrub button I was instantly smashed with some all out, ferocious, howling black metal. Who was this band? How did this get by me? I had to hear the whole thing.

Come to find out Inferno have been blasting away from the Czech Republic since 1996. Ah, Czech black metal. A label so sweet to my ears. One of the things I love about black metal from this part of the world is you never quite know what you’re going to get. The Czech approach black metal in a vastly different way. Much like the Greek scene that was bubbling under the Norwegian scene, bands like Root and Master’s Hammer were forming their own take on the sound as far back as 1988. History lesson aside, my favorite bands from the Czech Republic, Root, Master’s Hammer, Avenger, Cult of Fire, are all vastly different in sound and scope. There’s a sense of history with these bands and they tend to be on the more aggressive side of things but their black metal sounds are all over the place, usually falling into that “experimental” tag. Inferno fall right is step with the “not sounding” like the others idea. Highly aggressive but undeniably Czech. This album is a fucking scorcher. Slight amount of keyboard sounds add to the flavor but the main focus, for me, is the monster like, barbarian anger vocals and the sheer ferocity of the music. Damn is it a good day when I can add another amazing Czech band to my playlist. Add it to yours, too.