As far as I’m concerned you can never have to much atmospheric black metal in your life. When that style of black metal hits, boy howdy is it a marvel. When it doesn’t, however, it’s disappointing to no end. Hinsidig, a mostly Norwegian band, tilt the scale closer to the awesome end. Those of you familiar with the more atmospheric approach to black metal may not find a lot new here, but Hinsidig make up for that with an incredibly skilled array of musicians and well crafted songs. It’s not heavily atmospheric but to sat the mostly guitar driven album isn’t atmospheric overall would be a lie. The keyboards do an amazing job of following the guitar and keeping things hazy and beautiful. When the music reaches those levels of sheer beauty it’s almost stepping into the depressive black metal side of things, a genre that itself is highly atmospheric, but Hinsidig pull back just in time to not fully crossover.

One of the things that struck me as interesting was their decision to include a Dimmu Borgir cover right smack dab in the middle of the album. The song is “Broderskapets ring” from Dimmu’s incredible Stormblåst album and I thought the song would stand out like a sore thumb. It does not. Their take on Dimmu fits seamlessly in with the rest of the album and if you weren’t familiar with Dimmu you probably wouldn’t even know it was a cover. Granted, it’s not that much of a stretch, but it if you have to include a cover in the middle of your album, make sure you kill it. Hinsidig does.

Like I said, if you’re a fan of the genre, there’s plenty to like here. If not, this band is fairly typical of the genre and would be a good jumping in band to get your feet wet on this type of black metal. Or, just listen to it because it’s fucking rad.