If you read me (almost) daily posts you may recall some time ago I was exploring the doom metal genre. Based on the Decibel Magazine special issue featuring the “100 Greatest Doom Metal Albums” I figured it would be a good reason to delve into a genre I wasn’t that familiar with. It proved enlightening and I feel I have a greater appreciation for the genre as a whole and discovered some truly amazing albums. One such album was Solstice’s epic doom masterpiece New Dark Age. Seeing as the band only has one other release I thought it time to delve into the rest of what Solstice has to offer.

I have to say upfront, this album didn’t hit me the same way New Dark Age did. That’s not to say it isn’t good. Far from it. It’s just not as captivating as New Dark Age, which is no crime. It’s still an excellent album, full of epic, sweeping doom melodies, amazing guitar passages, and the heavy weight of destiny crushing down upon you. If that sort of doom wets your horn then there are few other bands that do it as well.

Bands would kill to have two albums of such splendor. If you’re going to listen to one Solstice album, listen to New Dark Age, but once you do and it’s sullen waves of doom mastery wash over you, listen to Lamentations.