Fall stopped by for a brief stay this week to remind us all that soon it will be here to stay soon. It also brought with it some new metal albums. While this week won’t go down in history books, it was a solid outing and as the week ends I find myself overwhelming enthralled with metal music. As I look to the future and see so many incredible bands getting ready to release new music, on top of the already stellar amount of new music we’ve received this year it dawns on me that (again) that there’s no time like the present to be a fan of music. Things just keep getting better and better, music wise. Just disregard anything that is on the radio. That is garbage. The “underground” for lack of a better term, is continuously amazing and inspiring to me. So why not try something new out? Expand your horizons and what not. Here’s this week’s new metal round up.

NEW STUFF: (Links in titles)

Dreadnought – Bridging Realms
A mishmash of black metal, doom, progressive and psychedelic elements, Dreadnought weave an awesome tapestry. A Denver band to boot! Nice.

Lluvia – Eternidad Solemne
Chilling, atmospheric, beautiful black metal glory from Mexico. Also, pay what you want for it on bandcamp. Well worth whatever you feel like paying.

Ghost – Meliora
Ah Ghost. Love them or hate them, they’re doing their thing. I don’t either love them or hate them but I don think they are pretty fun and I enjoy how poppy and Satanic they are. I’m hesitant to call them a metal band but their new album is more metallic than their previous. If you are new to Ghost, this album fits in with the rest. Well written, catchy, Blue Oyster Cult style classic rock vibe but lathered in the occult. Maybe not as good as their previous two but it’s Ghost and it’s a good time.

Wolfheart – Shadow World
Super catchy and etherial melodic death metal. Like a harsher Insomnium, if that does anything for you. More of the same from their last album but so infectious.

Scythian – Hubris In Excelsis
Based on the brutal onslaught that was Craven Idol’s last album, I figured some of the members other band might bring it as well. They sure did. Crushing death/thrash metal to get the blood pumping.

Advent Sorrow – As All Light Leaves Her
I wasn’t familiar with this band until a recent article on No Clean Singing sparked my interest. The article claims that this band started off as a Dimmu Borgir, symphonic black metal clone but on the new album has shifted to more of a depressive black metal style. Just given the name of the band and the album title that makes sense to me. While it’s not as “depressive” as some of the genres denizens, it does have that vibe especially where songs are given that speed and atmospherics that make good deppressive balck metal so beautiful.


Lychgate – An Antidote for the Glass Pill
Ghoulgotha – The Deathmass Cloak
Twisted Tower Dire – Crest of the Martyrs
Nervosa – Victim of Yourself
Thulcandra – Ascension Lost
Hoth – Oathbreaker
Yaotl Mictlan – Dentro del Manto Gris de Chaac
Winterfylleth – The Divination of Antiquity
The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten
Agnelcorpse – The Inexorable
Nordreich – Verschlunge Pfade
Nordreich – Auf Heimischen Pfaden
Wolves In the Throne Room – Two Hunters
Grimoire – L’aorasie des spectres rêveurs
Krisiun – Forged in Fury
Blut Aus Nord – Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry
Addaura – …And the Lamps Expire
Bulldozer – IX
Thy Catafalque – Rengeteg