When you look up Bulldozer you’ll inevitably come across multiple statements claiming Bulldozer is Italy’s answer to Venom. Initially, that was one of the things that sparked my interest in the band but what also intrigued me is multiple articles and sources claiming them as inspiration for the second wave of black metal. Hell, Fenriz adds them to his origins of black metal flow chart on his bonus feature from the “Until the Light Takes Us” dvd.

Back on topic. The Venom comparison is apt, albeit Bulldozer took what Venom was doing and upped it all and, in my opinion, wrote better songs. No offense to Venom, whose earlier work is a staple in extreme metal, but I’m not crazy about Venom like a lot of people are. Bulldozer is speedier, thrash-ier, nastier but like I said, with better written and executed songs. One of the aspects I like about Bulldozer is they vary up the music a bit as well as themes. It’s not so cut and dry Satanic like Venom. There’s old church organ sections and the lyrics revolve around a myriad of different, rebellious topics as well as the anti-religious themes.

Now, this band has black metal in their genre tag and I guess they’re black metal in the same sense as Venom are. The imagery, music and approach is dark and “black” but in the definition of what we know as black metal, I wouldn’t say they are. Definitely “proto” black metal (if that’s a thing) and I can hear where they might have influenced the second wave.

This album is fucking awesome. Just killer 80′s smashing metal. Furious, nasty and in your face. Check these guys out.

Also of note, the version I have has a bonus live song of Bulldozer lead singer AC Wild performing the song “The Darby” with the awesome Italian power metal band Labyrinth. So that’s rad.