Yet another recommendation from my buddy. I figured since both of these albums came out the same year I might as well just do one post about the band.

German black metal is weird for me. I like a lot of German black metal bands but just knowing a band is from Germany doesn’t really excite me like other countries. There are German black metal bands that are among my favorite and if we’re talking German metal in general then of course I have a fondness for German power metal and thrash, albeit the thrash to a smaller extent (except the all mighty Kreator), but I digress.

Nordreich is a one-man black metal project. These bands always impress me, especially something as powerful as these two albums. These are blasting slabs of black metal with an over abundance of atmosphere provided mostly by keyboards. The keyboards are more prevalent on Auf but they’re crucial to the sound. The production is rather raw on the both of these albums but serves the music and soundscape well.  The atmospheric sounds combined with the blistering black metal passages remind me a bit of the band Nokturnal Mortum. Not exactly but they share a similar song writing dynamic.

Overall, these are a tremendous duo of albums. Perhaps not for somebody new to the genre but for those who’ve traveled down that blackened river a bit.