I was listening to the new Lluvia this morning, a fucking killer one-man, Mexican black metal band and it reminded my I was sitting on this Yaotl Mictlan album. Yaotl also hail from Mexico, originally, but have landed in Utah, of all places. This is their last studio album, from 2010, but I don’t see them having a hard time fitting in with all the incredible metal coming out of Utah these days. Anyways, while I full-heartedly love and craze Nordic centric black metal, it’s refreshing to hear a black metal band focus on the history and legends of other parts of the world. Yaotl Mictlan pay homage to their Aztec and Mayan roots as well as incorporate traditional regional instruments and soundscapes. One of the traditional tenants of black metal is the cold and desolate soundscapes it creates and while Yaotl may be focussing on Mexican traditions, the music is very Scandinavian overall, however it doesn’t sound cold. It sounds like it would fit in perfectly in some tropical jungle or be the battle cry for some Aztec warriors. It’s nothing revelatory but used in this manner, it’s quite engaging.