I mentioned the other day how Canadian black metal is one of my metal weaknesses. Particularly Canadian atmospheric black metal. The different takes on it are all so region oriented with a lot of great and unique music coming out of Quebec. Finnr’s Cane hail from Ontario so with such close proximity to Quebec it’s no surprise some of that regions metal has rubbed off on them. However, while Finnr’s Cane may be playing in the atmospheric black metal sandbox it’s their unique melding of doom and ambient music that sets this band apart. They were recommended to me by my buddy with the caveat of “just get both their albums because you’ll want to hear one right after the other” so with that in mind, I jammed them both today, back to back.

It’s probably no surprise, like other atmospheric black metal bands from Canada, Finnr’s Cane’s musical themes revolve around nature and human’s relationship with it. The band members go under the monikers of The Slave, The Peasant and The Bard which makes the whole proceedings have a feeling that these songs are being performed as some sort of ritual. The juxtaposition of the harsh vocals with the orchestral, etherial vocals further lend to that feeling. The first album really takes advantage of this sound, while the second album gets a little more abrasive. It doesn’t neglect those dreamier aspects but its focus seems to be more on the black metal. There’s also some more focus on the neo-folk aspects of the band.

Both albums are highly textured and dense and fully encompass the aspects atmospheric black metal that I enjoy so much. Both of these albums are equally as impressive and you cannot go wrong with either but you might as well just jam them both.