Today’s post is going to be another EP round up. I present to you three short EPs that have nothing in relation to each other except that they are all face-smashingly awesome.

Withershin – The Hungering Void (2010)
And wouldn’t you know it? The first band up on today’s list is a Swedish blackened black metal band. This band lovingly pays respects to the greats of Swedish legend and you can hear the influence of Watain, Dissection and Marduk all over this furious sixteen minutes of metal. While those sounds are well tread, Withershin do it so well and with so much vigor it’s hard not to get caught up in their sound. Their only full length, Ashen Banners is also well worth checking out.

Charnel Winds & Verge – Two Serpents (2012)
Hopping over to Finland we have a unique take on the split album. Instead of two bands submitting a couple songs like a normal split release would go, Charnel Winds and Verge collaborated together to a handful of songs. It makes sense as both bands share multiple members. I wasn’t familiar with Charnel Winds but I did a review of Verge’s awesome Sex & Violence album a couple weeks ago. While it lives in black metal, it’s more on the artsy side of things. I’m having a hard time coming up with comparisons, even with Verge and Verge sort of stands on their own as well. The Finnish seem to like taking risks and making their black metal more on the challenging side and this collaborations succeeds in doing that as well as making killer fucking music. I couldn’t find any audio samples to accompany this part so I implore you to track this down if you like your black metal a bit weird, artsy, and fucking awesome.

Blood Stronghold – Blood Spilt in the Earth’s Viscera (2014)
Now for a cross world collaboration between Poland and Australia. Blood Stronghold features Krew from Zuarasiz on drums, a Polish pagan black metal band I’m not familiar with and Nightwolf on vocals and all other instruments. If you’ve been reading these posts of mine you might remember me gushing at the mouth about Eternum. Well Nightwolf does all the instrumentation (minus vocals) In Eternum (as well as Drowning the Light). If you’re familiar with Eternum (and you should be) you’ll find a lot to love here. Furious, imposing, atmospheric, mystical oriented black metal. I may have to look into this bands only full length release as this EP is all sorts of awesome.