Another regional specific metal I have a soft spot for is Canada. Particularly black metal and particularly the black metal from in and around the Quebec area. However, Godless North hail from Vancouver, which isn’t any sort of slight or dig at the band because their sole full-length release is fucking killer.

Godless North play a simplistic, rage-filled, cold style of black metal, highly influenced by the second wave of black metal’s Scandinavian counterparts, proving again that frostbitten grimness isn’t only reserved for Scandinavians.

There’s nothing particularly Canadian (although I do like the idea that the band’s name suggest about Canada being a godless place) about it like the Quebec scene I mentioned earlier but it’s still an incredible black metal album. It wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve but doesn’t come across as a carbon copy. It’s nasty, straight forward black metal from another place in time.