I’m feeling a bit sluggish today so I just wanted to listen to some kick ass thrash metal. I stumbled on Nervosa via No Clean Singing today and thought I’d take the band for a spin. I was expecting a some more of the thrash retread that is so popular (and boring) nowadays but these three are killing it. I guess there will always be a bit of nostalgia and throwback in thrash. Few bands (Vektor comes to mind) have really done anything original with thrash in the past couple years or even decade. Instead new bands decide to just go for the 80′s style that we all know and love. Nervosa have a bit of that in them but they seem to be trying to do something different. It’s nothing new, however, but they sound a lot fresher, more furious, and more refined then all these “re-thrash” bands out there. There’s not a lot of deep though required here, just some killer fucking thrash to bounce around your brain.