August comes storming in like a bull on fire and brings with it miserable heat and a ton of awesome new metal. To be fair, there are three non-metal albums in this week’s new music round up, but there were also a ton of killer fucking metal albums that came out this week. Don’t forget, I’m now adding links to all the new releases so you can get this music in your ears faster and with less effort. Just click the titles. Here we go!


Krisiun – Forged in Fury
A new Krisiun means some new awesome, solid, meat and potatoes style death metal. Crushing riffs, brutally heavy. Solid all around.

Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction
I never really got into Cattle Decapitation until their previous album, which surprised me with how catchy it is. I’m not the biggest fan of progressive/technical death metal but I think these guys are pretty fun. I’m sure they take themselves a bit more seriously than I do. They throw some Amebix sort of sound in this one that just adds to fun. It’s a bit of a surprise, actually.

Régiment – On Les Aura!
A mishmash of French metal musicians coming together to explore the French’s battlefront involvement in WWI as told through black/death metal as only the french can do. The album is only 20 minutes but it’s an adventurous listen and packs some killer fucking music.

Lychgate – An Antidote for the Glass Pill
I stumbled on Lychgate’s last album by accident and enjoyed their weird, goth, dismal take on black metal. The new album is more along those lines but with some funeral doom style thrown into the mix. It’s gloomy and miserable and I dig it.

Hibria – Hibria
I wasn’t sure what I expected from this new Hibria album. I suppose some rip-roaring 80’s speed infused power metal. Sure, that’s to be found but they seem to be channeling some 80’s glam metal here. But not when those bands were popular in the 80’s, when they all tried to make their comeback in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and heavy-ed up their sounds. There’s also some weird saxophone fusion stuff going on. For the most part this album is solid and delivers the Hibria sound but some of the turns are a bit weird and feel out of place. Also, there’s a Stevie Wonder cover on it. “Sir Duke.” Yeah.

Anopheli – The Ache of Want
If you look this band up you’ll get a litany of genre descriptions… emo, crust, doom, melodic crust, sludge, punk, etc. Whatever this band is or wants to be is fine with me but the music itself is awesome. It’s melodic, hyper, passionate, beautiful and furious. The cello adds an interesting element to the over all sound and the dueling male/female vocals helps add to the scope. The reason I grabbed this from their bandcamp page is I recognized the album cover from their previous album, which I own, but couldn’t quite recall the sound. Either that’s a comment on their first album or I need to revisit it because this one is fucking killer.

Book of Sand – The Face of the Deep
This was recommended to me and prefaced with “Obsequiae’s former drummer played on this.” With that in mind, the drumming is fucking killer. The music is a bizarre, experimental take on black metal incorporating music boxes, xylophones, asian classical instruments and a whole lot more I’m probably overlooking. It’s a bit much all at once and permeates the whole album. The underlying black metal is really interesting and well played but man, you don’t have to have every instrument ever. Couldn’t find a link with any music from the album.

Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
I enjoy Chelsea Wolfe’s dark and dreamy, indie rock(?) pop(?) hybrid. There’s been a lot of talk about how even though she isn’t a metal musician, here music is metal. It’s a fairly heavy album, tonally and emotionally but I’m not sure calling it metal does it any justice. I read she’s a fan and has covered a Burzum song but I think she’s confident enough in her writing that she can stand on her own without having to be lumped into another genre just to make her seem credible to a different audience.

Black Fast – Terms of Surrender
Heavy later era Death influenced thrash with the early era aggression of Kreator. The two compliment each other well and make for a shredder of a thrash album.

Sharon Van Etten – I Don’t Want to Let You Down EP
Simple yet beautiful indie rock. Not as good as her previous full-length but I’m a fan of whatever she’s doing.

Wombbath – Downfall Rising
It seems this band has been dormant for quite some time and had garnered some praise in the early Swedish death metal days. This is definitely some Swedish death metal awesomeness. Maybe a moment caught out of time, but solid effort nonetheless.

Frank Turner – Positive Songs For Negative People
This was one of my highly anticipated albums for the year as I’m a huge Frank Turner fan, which you may have heard me wax on about. This new one…. didn’t hit me like his others. He seems to have gone from thoughtful optimism and observations to just Hallmark like, general happiness and it sort of seems cheap to me now. There’s still some good songs on it but by the time I got through the album and got to the bonus songs which are just the same songs but done acoustically, I didn’t really want to sit through them again. Maybe more listens are warranted.


Black Dawn – Blood for Satan
Chastain – Rulers of the Wasteland
Caladan Brood – Echoes of Battle
Blind Guardian – Imaginations From the Other Side
Elway – Better Whenever
Infera Bruo – In Conjuration
Edguy – Theater of Salvation
Leather – Shock Waves
October 31 – Bury the Hatchet
Wombbath – Internal Caustic Torments
Forgotten Woods – As the Wolves Gather
Cradle of Filth – Dusk and Her Embrace

Until Next Time…