I stumbled on to Wombbath by way of news that they were releasing their first new album in 22 years and that their first album from 1993 was a sort of unheralded early 90′s Swedish death metal classic. Well, you know my love of obscure Swedish metal so this piqued my interests. So off we go, back to Sweden.

The first thing that sprang to mind while listening to this album, was “somebody really likes Morbid Angel.” I guess I was expecting more of that dirtier, fuzzier sound that Swedish death metal bands of this time were prone to having. There is that element and it’s undeniable Swedish but the American influence is highly pronounced. Mostly Morbid Angel with Death’s technicality. Maybe that’s the case with the early 90′s Swedish death metal and other bands were just better at incorporating their influences more subtly. It’s not a bad thing and this album is certainly a shredder. Is it a classic? I’m not sure I’d say that given how many classics the country has produced from that time but it’s a hell of an album and a solid offering from the time and genre.