Since I shared Chastain yesterday I thought I might follow up with their singer, Leather Leone’s solo project, because you need more righteous 80′s traditional metal in your life.

While this is Leone’s solo project away from Chastain, it still involves a lot of Chastain. While main man David T. Chastain doesn’t appear on guitars, he did produce the album so the overall production is excellent. I don’t want to say the music suffers by not having him on guitar, but without his immense playing, Leone’s voices takes center stage, and she fucking kills. I think she has to be one of the best 80′s metal vocalists. The combination of Dio like growls and soaring Dickerson style singing is about as metal a voice you can find. Not that her band are slouches, it’s just a different approach. This album is more laid back than Chastain, focussing on cut and dry, catchy, rocking metal anthems.

While I prefer Chastain overall, you can’t deny the power of Leone’s voice. This is a solidly executed 80′s metal gem.