I’m not sure why Chastain isn’t more highly regarded amongst metal fans, especially ones that hold bands like the great Manilla Road in such high regards. If ever there was a band that fit the goal of this blog it’s Chastain. Metal-Archives tags them as “heavy/power metal” and while it’s definitely heavy, I think the power tag might come from the virtuoso guitar player/songwriter David T. Chastain, although I think the music (at least the first five albums) fall more into traditional/epic/speed metal territory, which is close to power I admit but there’s a distinct 80′s heavy metal sound to Chastain that doesn’t really permeate many power metal. Speaking of the guitar playing, while it is jaw dropping-ly stunning, it isn’t the highlight of this, or any other Chastain album. The voice of Leather Leone, for me, is the most captivating aspect of the music. Maybe highlight isn’t the right word. Her voice is incredible, ferocious and her presence is beyond passionate and it’s a perfect compliment to the guitar work. They are all perfect fitting pieces of the same puzzle.

Chastain seems to linger in obscurity, not even hitting on the ever so popular nostalgia craze sweeping metal (and the everything else) that is going around but now’s your chance to hear some classic and perfect 80′s metal.