July is about to give way to August and in it’s wake left us some fucking rad metal albums. It was a little slower of a month but a shit ton of upcoming albums for the end of summer/fall were announced this month which while I don’t need another reason to love the fall, makes me look forward to the upcoming season even more. While August is promising us a vast amount of potentially incredible albums, July goes out with a fucking bang.


NOTE: I’m going to start adding links back into the new release posts just to help you more easily find these bands. Just click the titles. You’re fucking welcome.

Spectral Wound – Terra Nullius
I found this via No Clean Singing and was instantly hooked after the first couple seconds. It’s both furious and serene, uplifting and torturous. It’s an incredible mix of a lot of things that make me love black metal.

Noltem – Mannaz EP
Killer, folk oriented black metal including one of the members of Seidr? What’s not to love here?

Elway – Better Whenever
A more aged approach to pop punk. More thoughtful than their previous and more mature. Dig these guys.

Antlers – Gaze into the Abyss
A German band that sounds like the illegitimate love child of older Marduk and Cascadian atmospheric black metal. Great stuff here.

Withering Soul – Adverse Portrait
A nice blend of melodic black metal, thrash and gothic sensibilities. Killer riffing. Good fun.

Barshasketh – Ophidian Henosis
High quality, modern sounding black metal with a huge Norwegian influence. Great riffs, great songs. Nothing genre defining but a solid good fun.

Infera Bruo – In Conjuration
Holy fuck this album killer. I quite enjoyed their previous album but Infera raised the bar with this one. I’ve read a lot of reviews comparing their sound to Enslaved, with their progressively leaning black metal, clean and growled vocal transitions etc. and I’m not sure the comparison is too far off base but where Enslaved (for me) has sort of petered out or gone to far into the prog side of their sound, Infera have the perfect blend of black metal and “progressive” sounds without losing any of the fury by noodling endlessly or trying to be “progressive.” The songs are structured amazingly, precise and as long as they need to be. There are moments of sheer beauty, blazing metal and transcendence. Bindrune has delivered another monumental album with Infera Bruo.


Gloria Diaboli – Gate to Sheol
Gloria Diaboli – Libation Unto He Who Dwelleth in the Depth
Seidr – For Winter Fire
Hooded Menace – Gloom Immemorial
Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell
Doomsword – Let Battle Commence
Hooded Menace – Fulfill the Curse
Hooded Menace – Effigies of Evil
Gorement – The Ending Quest
Vallendusk – Homeward Path
Maglor – Call of the Forest
Astriaal – Renascent Misanthropy
Yob – Clearing the Path to Ascend
Enochian Crescent – Telocvovim