This came via recommendation from my buddy. I briefly scrubbed through the Youtube clip and was interested so I tracked this album down to give it a more thorough listen.

Based on the brief listen I gave them I was sort of expecting a “black & roll” album. Black & Roll is like black metal vocals over Motorhead style or simpler forms of metal and while there is an element of that, the band is really incorporating a grab bag of metal sounds. It’s primarily black metal, but it spins into death metal, groovier rock stylings, experimental atmospherics and all sorts of weird little additions. There’s one song that starts with a hyper fast swing drum intro. Experimental might not be the right word as the music is deceptively straightforward, they just have a way of mixing it up a bit to make it memorable as well as catchy.

It’s an interesting album to be sure and another awesome hidden gem lost in the metal kingdom. Take this one for a spin.