I’m a huge fan of Canadian metal, particularly the atmospheric, folk, “Quebecious” style that is so prevalent there so if I get recommended something like that I’m all over it. Add to the fact that Maglor only ever released one album and you have another one of my metal weaknesses covered.

Maglor are a heavily folk influenced black metal band. Not folk in the traditional sense. Think Lord of the Rings and you’re there. In fact, their sound reminds me of a more tranquil version of Summoning, who are the kings of folk infused, Lord of the Rings, epic black metal. Hell, Maglor was the second son of Fëanor from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion. So you get the sort of vibe this music is in?

Like Summoning, they combine incredibly heavy music with the lush, serene, and epic folk sounds which make for an interesting listen as it’s not as bombastic in the same way black metal typically is. It’s still powerful, just from a different approach.

I’m a big fan of this type of black metal and there are a handful of bands that do it particularly well. While Summoning really sets the standard, Maglor is a worthy companion and well worth some listening.