Sometimes you just need a healthy dose of Satanic black metal. Good thing we have Gloria Diaboli and their unwavering devotion to such evilness. The band plays no frills, blasting black metal. One might call it “orthodox” but I’ve never been comfortable with that term and feel it gets misused often. There is a sense of traditionalism with this band but it doesn’t sound old or homage-y, if that makes sense.

Besides the incredibly blistering black metal, the lyrics are all written in Old English or maybe Elizabethan. I’m not sure which is which to be honest but there are a lot of “thous” and “doth-s” and words ending with “th” that I feel, pushes the band into that amazing zone of ridiculousness that seldom few reach. It’s a fine line with this sort of music on what to take seriously and what not to but it’s stuff like this that reminds me just how fun this genre can be.