The summer crawls on and continues to bring killer fucking metal with it. This year past half over and already 2015 has proven to be a juggernaut of great music. I’ve said it before and will never stop saying it, now is the time to be a music fan. There’s no end to the amount of incredible music coming out from some seriously passionate and creative folks. The flood gates are open. If you think there’s no good music left, you suck. Plain and simple.

This week didn’t see a ton of releases but name of the game is quality, not quantity and there were some doozies this week.


Seeds In Barren Fields – Let the Earth Be Silent After Ye
If’n you don’t follow Panopticon on Facebook you probably should because dude is always dropping killer recommendations and Seeds In Barren Fields is just that. Raging black metal with a slight crust bend to it and some amazing beautiful acoustic and folk part. Killer fucking album.

Panphage – Storm
I didn’t even realize this band had a new one coming out. What a great fucking surprise and what a killer fucking album. Dark, swirling, anti-cosmic, beautiful, black metal.

Indesinence – III
I’m not sure how I stumbled on this one. It’s a nice mix of death and doom. Very etherial, spacey and crushingly heavy at times. Solid album.

Eigenlicht – Sacral Regicide EP
A solid EP. Atmospheric, dark, creepy black metal with a some eerie orchestral and symphonic overtones.

Symphony X – Underworld
I’m a sucker for Symphony X’s blend of power metal and prog sensibilities. They write catchy songs, have great players, and just the right amount of showing off and flash. Cheese metal for sure but so satisfying.

Locrain – Infinite Dissolution
This usually isn’t my thing but I enjoyed Locrain’s previous album of noise fused, ambient, slightly blackened metal. This one is more of the same, mostly ambient sound effects with some more metal moments peppered throughout. It gets a bit slow for me at points but it’s solid overall.


Eucharist – Mirrorworlds
In They Dreams – Highest Beauty
Naðra – Eitur
Manneveira – Von Er Eitur
Auðn – Auðn
Blind Guardian – Somewhere Far Beyond
Ghamorean – Eon Eschatos
Waldgeflüster – Meine Fesseln

Until Next Time…