When I first heard of Ghamorean their album Terra Ruina came my way with numerous other bands. Ghamorean initially stuck out to me because that is the name of the race of “pig guards” from Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi. Given the nature of the music it’s more likely a reference to the bible story of Gomorra but you can’t blame a guy for trying. Despite my nerdy attraction to the name alone, the band is pretty fucking killer, blasting out incredible, slightly technical death/black metal. While a lot of bands that blur the lines of black and death metal seem to lean favorably to one side, Ghamorean seem to mix the two seamlessly and use the strengths of both genres well. It’s got the rapid, technical, blasting guitars of death metal, some killer black style vocals and is covered with a great black metal atmosphere. That’s not to say that sometimes they go more death, sometimes more black but there’s a balance and seems a meticulous decision on when they do or don’t.

This is a great, dirty little over looked album and band and well worth listening to if only to see how the genres can be blended so expertly. Fucking metal!