It’s Monday and the work week has just begun so I think this calls for yet another trip to the country that never stops giving, Sweden.

Eucharist, if you probably couldn’t have guessed, are a melodic death metal band that dissolved in the late 90′s. The sound on this album was informed by the oh so popular Gothenburg sound that dominated so consistently in the 90′s but what really struck me about this album is that it really feel like all the other melodic death metal bands of the time. The vocals are on par but the music is filtered through a murkier sound. There isn’t quite as much emphasis on the guitar as other bands from this genre tend to do and there are parts that are, well, downright groovy in a classic rock and roll sort of way. It’s still death metal it’s just gone through a different lens. The album sounds amazing and the band is fucking killer, managing to pull of that awesome sound of technicality and catchy writing without being pretentiously flashy about it. Also I think it’s of note to point out that one of the members was in Cromlech, a band that is sorely deserving a write up on here.

So there you have it. Sweden strikes again and true to form brings its A game.