We’re halfway through July already. This month has been a bit slow as far as new metal releases are concerned. There are still two albums I’m impatiently waiting for that are supposed to be out by the end of the month and a couple more I’m interested in. Overall though I like to slow down since it gives me time to revisit neglected albums.

I did get some new stuff off my list this week and while nothing was particularly devastating, there were a bunch of solid releases this week. And that was the trend this week, a bunch of middle of the road albums. It happens sometimes.


Barghest – Into Weeping Firmament EP
I’m not the biggest Barghest fan. I enjoyed their previous release but I don’t have the love for this band that seems to have infected the metal world. This EP is a promised “return” to form, but I honestly can’t tell you what that form sounds like. This EP however sounds like scathing and furious black/death metal, which sounds awesome to me.

Funeste – Demo MMXV
Some raging fucking black metal. This demo is killer. Sheer intensity.

Jason Isbell – Something More Than Free
While I’ve never been a Drive By Truckers fan I have been a fan of Jason Isbell and was completely enamored with his 2013 album Southeastern. This is more of the same of that: folky, country infused music. This one is less of a downer than Southeastern, but I do like me some sad songs.

Immortal Bird – Empress/Abscess
I dug this bands first EP a bit and was interested to hear what they brought for they first full length. It’s an interesting mix of death/black metal with some shoe gaze, post elements thrown in for good measure. The lead singer also does duties as the drummer for Thawsunblat and she kills it there as well as in Immortal Bird. Screaming by at 31 minutes, this is a solid effort from the band.

Ectovoid – Dark Abstraction
Ectovoid take a  page from bands like Diocletian and Dead Congregation and use a more beast-like and chaotic approach to death metal. It’s a solid effort but said bands have knocked this kind of death metal out of the park.

Hope Drone – Cloak of Ash
Like Ectovoid, Hope Drone builds on the foundation other bands. Those bands being atmospheric, post black metal bands. It’s another solid album but I can’t help but feel this genre has been more thoroughly, and better explored by other bands, even in this year alone. Also, the album is almost and hour and half long. It could stand some editing.

Wolvhammer – Death Division EP
I’m a big fan of Wolvhammer’s blackened up sludge/crust metal sound so naturally I was intrigued by their new EP having two Misfits covers on it. In all honesty the songs they picked, “Demonomania” and “Bloodfeast” are not my favorite Misfit songs but damned if Wolvhammer breaths some new life into these two. They rip right through “Demonomania” in 40 seconds and their style is perfected suited to the weird, chugging flow of “Bloodfeast.” The remix version of their original song featured on the EP is also excellent, showcasing exactly what this band does best.

Moonknight – Valinor
Bleak, miserable, foreboding, torturous black metal that is also quite captivating and beautiful at time. Like being set adrift in the vastness of space.


Khemmis – Absolution
Red Fang – Whales and Leeches
Woman is the Earth – Depths
In They Dreams – The Gate of Pleasure
Oranssi Pazuzu – Valonielu
Abyssion – Luonnon Harmonia Ja Vihreä Liekki
Triptykon – Melana Chasmata
Heathen – Victims of Deception
Old Graves – This Ruin Beneath Snowfall
Nightrage – Descent Into Chaos
Agrimonia – Rites of Separation
Obsecration – The Inheritors of Pain
Infera Bruo – Desolate Unknown
Ceremonial Oath – The Book of Truth
Falls of Rauros – Believe in No Coming Shore
Goreguts – Colored Sand
Frozen Dawn – The Old Prophecy of Winterland
God Macabre – The Winterlong
Cathedral – The Carnival Bizarre

Until Next Time…