While I can pinpoint exact regional black metal bands I like and expound upon particular countries style and influence on the genre, Spain is not a country I’m all that familiar with. Sure, I enjoy Teitanblood and Numen but that’s really all I know from the country, in terms of black metal. Well, enter Frozen Dawn, a band I just because familiar with thanks to a recommendation. Frozen Dawn play furious black metal and if Spain has a specific sound contribution to the genre, I’m not familiar with it as Frozen Dawn seem to be influenced by the Scandinavian sound, particularly Sweden and even more particularly, later 90′s era and early 2000′s era. Their choice to cover the Satyricon song “Fuel for Hatred” should be evidence enough of that, however it isn’t a detractor. Frozen Dawn has this black metal thing down pat. Sure, it’s more of a meat and potatoes approach but they do it so extremely well it’s infectious. All the instrumentation is blistering and while the focus seems to be on the vocals, it doesn’t bother me as the lead singer has one hell of a voice.

I know I mention this over and over again but it’s worth repeating. Metal is vast and there are so many hidden treasures buried in it’s landscape. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.