I’ve posted a lot about Swedish extreme metal. In particular Swedish melodic death metal and I have barely touched on At the Gates, one of the bands responsible for spreading the “Gothenburg” sound. Odds are, I won’t talk much about them because this blog is meant to share overlooked and under appreciated metal music and At the Gates are, for the most part, a legendary band in extreme music. However, when the band disbanded after Slaughter of the Soul, the members went on to be in various other bands. The most notably band to come from the split is The Haunted, but members have gone to join much better bands like Vallenfyre and Agrimonia. One such band is Nightrage. At the Gates front man Tomas Lindberg did vocal duties on their first two releases and while you might think that this would make Nightrage sound like At the Gates, it really doesn’t. Sure, Lindberg’s voice is very recognizable and he doesn’t have any range outside of his screams so immediately you would recognize the lead singer of At the Gates . The musical also falls into the melodic death metal category but manages to not really sound like At the Gates at all. It’s more melodic, more sweeping with slight (slight) power metal riffs, and modern American heavy metal trappings. In all actuality it’s probably unfair to compare them to At the Gates at all but just to get it out of the way since they do share a very distinct lead singer, I’ve made that comparison. This album is rip roaring fun. Incredible musicianship. Highly catchy and infectious. It’s a great sample of how this sound progressed into the 00′s and how some bands where still able to soar above the full crowd at this point. Doesn’t matter if you are an At the Gates fan or not, put this one on.