If we’re talking melodic death metal you know we’re in Sweden. Yet ANOTHER killer fucking melodic death metal band from that mighty metal country. This band only existed for two albums before disbanding so drummer/vocalist Daniel Svensson could take up skin duties for In Flames in 1998. That would make his debut with In Flames on the album Colony, past what I consider to be their prime and right in time for their complete descent into mainstream, watered down, boring ass metal. After hearing this album it seems like a damn shame his talent is going completely to waste in In Flames. The Fifth may not be earth shattering but it’s melodic death metal done so extremely well it doesn’t seem to matter. For every Sacrilege there’s five other melodic death metal bands that don’t have the same emotion or creativity and no melodic death metal album is complete without soaring and emotional musical instrumentations. Plus, they still manage to keep the death metal part of the genre intact.

Skip an of the In Flames album Svensson is involved with and just go straight for Sacrilege. Killer fucking album.