June has finally given way to July. I’m gearing up for a three day weekend (thanks America) and figured what better way to celebrate the birth of our nation then by sharing my weekly metal playlist. I know your Fourth of July wouldn’t be complete without it either.

The metal powers that be must have realized last week was a slow week for new releases and decided to make up for it this week in force. Most of my week was spent listening to new stuff with little time for anything else. Tons of great stuff this week so take a minute and check some of this out, and just in case you can’t accept celebrating America without some cowboy boots or a pickup truck, I even got a couple new country albums in there. Do it for ‘Murica.


Old Graves – The Ruin Beneath Snowfall  EP
I’ve been anxiously waiting for this one since last years stellar EP and split with Paths. Solid, beautiful, Canadian atmospheric black metal. I hoping they decide to release a full length next, but this EP will do until then.

Kacey Musgraves – Pageant Material
This one might seem like an odd ball for me. Yeah, it’s pop country, a genre I’m not to thrilled with. However, her previous album was a well written outing, challenging the conventions of the male chauvinistic Nashville “bro” country that is so popular. There’s a bit of a smart ass attitude to her music which I appreciate and anything that questions the bullshit mainstream country genre is a ok in my book. It isn’t exactly outlaw country, but it’s not to far off in spirit.

Christ Stapleton – Traveller
More country music. More off the beaten radio friendly path of mainstream bullshit country. A little long but great, soulful, country music. Stapleton’s voice might be a little bluesier or southern rock-ish but overall I dug a lot of what he was putting down.

Jungle Rot – Order Shall Prevail
I had a soft spot for these guys on their previous two albums. This one though… I dunno. First of all, and not to sound too snobby, the production on this sounds fucking miserable. It’s practically unlistenable. The rest of it, just some standard Vader worship. I saw these guys are going out on the Mayhem Fest this summer so they may have just axed themselves from my interest. Oh well.

Unleash the Archers – Time Stands Still
Easily helping me exceed my weekly cheese serving is Unleash the Archers. Primarily power metal the band dabbles slightly in some pop-pier death metal in the riffing and the growling backing vocals. Power metal about the power of metal. Nothing earth shattering here but some good fun. Their vocalist, Brittany Slayes, has a killer, powerful voice suited perfectly for metal. She really carries this album.

Bearstorm – Americanus
Not really sure how to describe this one. It’s like a weird, progressive, fusion sort of metal thing with black metal style vocals. It sounded interesting and the name and title gave me a good laugh. Interesting stuff. Maybe not an everyday listen.

Amiensus – Ascension
I was pretty impressed with their previous debut album so naturally I was a bit excited to hear this new one. It’s another solid outing. It’s a melodic/black/death mix with a bit of a folk tinge and progressive bend to it. Good listen.

Abyssion – Luonnon Harmonia Ja Vihreä Liekki
Consisting of some members of Oranssi Pazuzu and claiming to be more psychedelic black metal in the same vein as said band, this actually has more of a second wave of black metal and punk vibe. Not that I’m complaining because it’s fucking awesome.

Nevoa – The Absence of Void
I kind of wish Deafheaven would have called themselves something else because they sort of ruined the idea of post black metal, or whatever genre people align them with. Any black metal band that approached post is now going to be compared to Deafheaven and it’s an unfair comparison. Take this Portuguese band. They’re beautifully atmospheric with a heavy dose of that post droned out fuzz, yet sound nothing like Deafheaven, and are better for it.

Valdur – Pathetic Scum
Riffed up, relentless death metal with a blackened layer on top. Solid for banging your head to.

Vargnatt – Grausammler
A frozen slab of icy cold sadness set adrift by grim riffing and beautiful melody.

Blaze of Perdition – Near Death Revelations
I love me some well crafted, Polish, black and death metal. The Poles can rage when it comes to extreme metal and this is a good example of that. An hours worth of furious black metal.

Wardaemonic – Obsequium
Blazing Australian black metal. This album rarely slows down except for a few moments of atmospheric sounds. It’s a brain buster through and through, albeit nothing new. The cover art is fucking killer.

Coffins – Craving To Eternal Slumber EP
Coffins, not one to throw you for a loop, delivery exactly what is expected of them with this new ep. The grimiest, fuzzed up, nastiest, classic, doomed up death metal this side of Autopsy.


Lunar Aurora – Elixir of Sorrow
Lunar Aurora – Weltenganger
Harrow – Fallow Fields
Yearning – Evershade
Windfaerer – Solar
Woods of Ypres – Against the Seasons: Cold Winter Songs From The Dead Winter Heat
Traffic Death – Don’t be a Projectile

Until Next Time