It’s Canada Day for our neighbors to the north and what better way to celebrate then with some metal. Canadian metal even, just to stay on theme. I’m not sure how one celebrates Canada Day but I assume metal is involved. Why wouldn’t be?

Canada’s contributions to extreme metal are fairly substantial. Hell, Darkthrone even wrote a song about it and while I could go on about the various bands I wanted to give this first Woods of Ypres a spin.

I became a fan of their late, more goth focussed work and didn’t discover the band until after founding member David Gold passed. There was an outpouring of respect and admiration for him and his bands and rightfully so as Woods of Ypres are a phenomenal band. Earlier in their career, before they went the goth metal route, they were playing melodic, slightly folk infused black metal. It’s very Swedish in nature with the melodic aspect. There’s some hints as to the gothic angle they would later take but for the most part this album is straight up, killer black metal.

Gold also started Thrawsunblat shortly before he passed and the band still exists, working on a new album. They continue the sound from this first Ypres EP albeit a bit more focus on the folk aspect.

If you’re new to Woods of Ypres, today is a perfect day to jump on board. For Canada. For metal.