I know I get caught up in all the various styles of black metal and this blog has very much become the obscure black metal corner. I always meant to use this blog as a sounding board for all types of metal so with that in mind today we’re heading off to Finland for some doomy goth metal.

I’m not too familiar with Finnish doom metal. I’m not even sure there are that many Finnish doom metal bands. The ones that spring to mind right away are the incredible Skepticism (which are worthy of just owning Finnish doom metal as a whole) Rapture, and Sentenced and I’m not sure Sentenced even qualify. Speaking of Sentenced however, Yearning have a similar sound. While I hear similarities, particularly in the gothic Paradise Lost sort of sound, Yearning is heavier and more serious. The gothic overtones are undeniable and the atmosphere of said overtones weigh heavy on the album. It’s a dismal, depressing feeling but in the most beautiful way. Rapture capture this mood perfecting but Yearning aren’t that far off. Combined with brief spats of death growls, church organs, acoustic guitars and you have something that is bleak and foreboding, but a wonderful treat for the ears. Here’s to the Finnish! Keep on being gloomy bastards.