Lunar Aurora is one of those bands that when I listen to them, I get stuck in a hole where the only thing that I want to penetrate my hear holes is Lunar Aurora. Eventually I move on and neglect them for a while only to revisit them again later and repeat the whole process, reaffirming just how fucking killer they are. I have three of their albums that I’ve played repeatedly. Their final album Hoagascht was my first introduction to the band and was typically my go to album. I had always meant to go back and check out even more of their albums and while I was discussing them with my buddy, I decided to finally do that and got the album I’m reviewing today, Elixir of Sorrow.

What appealed to me about the band in the first place is their strange, surreal, atmospheric take on black metal and this one is no different. I’m not overtly knowledgable on German black metal but from what I had heard, Lunar Aurora sounded completely different. It’s experimental, but not unlistenable. It’s atmospherics quality are heavy but not punching you right in the face. While I think their last album went more heavy on the atmospheric elements and started to veer closer to depressive black metal, this album seems to be for ragged. More visceral. It’s not too raw, but it’s also not too clean. The parts where the atmospherics and keyboards meet with the unrelentingly furious guitar is a thing a sheer beauty.

This band is fucking great. Excuse me while I get lost with them again.