I’ve been sorely slacking on sharing power metal through these daily posts. It can’t be Swedish melodic death/black metal all the time (though I have a staggering amount of that to get through).

I fucking love power metal and when I manage to stumble on to a killer power metal album I get all tingly with excitement. Such is the case with Evertale. I came across this on Facebook when somebody was lamenting the virtues of this album. Given the name of the band, album title, and cover art you might have gleamed this is a highly fantasy based power metal album, and boy howdy is it. Powerful as fuck, great, catchy sing-along lyrics and soaring guitars. Those are the ingredients for some grand power metal and Evertale throws them all into the mix.

Being that they’re from Germany it’s hard not to compare them to classic German power metal bands like Blind Guardian or Helloween, and while Evertale has more in common with Blind Guardian, it’s not really fair to hold bands to those standards. Certainly they have the fantasy element of Blind Guardian in place but they’re brand of power metal is a bit more etherial. I’m sure the band has been influenced by Blind Guardian and to my ears they seem to have taken the best aspects of Blind Guardian (the speed, the orchestration) and mixed it with the over the top bombastic nature and theatrics (particularly the vocals) of Wuthering Heights. Maybe a little bit of Sonata Arctica’s drumming as well. It’s a killer sound.

One day I’ll layout my love of power metal and my favorites from the genre. It’s rarely discussed or analyzed but there’s a wealth of incredible albums and performances that the genre has produced. This is one of them.