Last year Eternum’s The Devouring Descent blew my metal encased mind. I was new to the band and that album was so masterfully crafted I played it over and over. Relentlessly. I thought to myself “I should check out some of their other stuff.”

I never did. Descent was so good I just preferred to keep listening to it. Mostly because, it’s fucking awesome (I think I said that already) but maybe a little bit because I was afraid an earlier album might not be as good. I mean, Descent set the bar pretty fucking high. Well, all of that has changed as I’ve finally decided to check out another Eternum album. I went to their previous album which came out a year before Descent, in 2013.

Now if you couldn’t tell Descent hit me pretty hard but Summoning the Wolven Spirit is pretty fucking impressive too… just maybe not as much as Descent. For those of you who don’t know (slackers) Eternum hail form Australia and play an ethereal, atmospheric, classic music infused form of black metal focussing mostly on medieval themes like battles, pride, honor… things like that. It’s beautifully crafted and presented. Wolven is very much in this vein and is very much in line with Descent. It’s a bit faster in parts. There’s more furious guitar speeds and atmospherics on this album than Descent but that doesn’t do it any disservice. It’s still damn good. Damn good.

All in all, I’m glad I took the plunge into Eternum’s past. I’ll most likely be checking out another one of their albums and seeing how they all work together. If the trend continues, I’m sure it’ll be fucking rad.