Heading back over to Finland for today’s post with Darkwoods My Betrothed. Despite the goth-y, Cradle of Filth like name, this album is pretty fucking killer. This being their third and final full-length album, it seems their previous two albums were more pagan/folk black metal in nature. I’m not familiar with those works but this one is blistering, furious black metal. The central idea of the album is obviously witches and to tell the story of the witch hunt the band uses early Bathory style, blazing fast guitar riffing and high level of orchestra elements. They are used to great affect and provide a suiting atmosphere that gives a great gothic feel to the concept of witch hunting. It’s sonic approach reminds me a lot of early Dimmu Borgir. While not a complete copy of that sound, it’s similar but there are worse things to sound like. There’s a couple moments of folky keyboard playing, some crazy vocal performances and some guitar solos that are melodic and damn near epic. It’s an impressive black metal album through and through.