I know I post a lot about Swedish metal but there is a reason for that. That reason being that Sweden fucking killed it metal wise. At least in the 90′s and I’m constantly amazed by how many killer fucking albums lay hidden away in that country. I imagine a secret warehouse like the end of Raiders of the Lost Arc, just packed with extreme Swedish metal, waiting to be found. My buddy Ben has clearly been to this place as today’s album was a recommendation from him.

Sweden produced much of the melodic death/black metal in the 90′s and since it has become a well traveled style of metal. Much of the new stuff doesn’t capture my attention the same way this older stuff does and Without Grief has a perfect grasp on it. Beautifully melodic with transcending twin guitar riffs, the guitar work is really the star of this album. Those riffs, holy shit. It’s not set on hyper speed and the drumming is pretty fucking phenomenal too, but it hits the right chords, every time. I’m not sure you’ll hear it too, but it veers dangerously close to power metal in some of the guitar interludes. It doesn’t last long but I feel like somebody in the band likes power metal.

Since I’m finding this albums out of time, and after I’ve heard more modern takes on this sound it’s hard to tell where these newer bands take inspiration from. I hear a lot of Without Grief’s sound in new bands like Insomnium, though Without Grief is heavier and with more focus on the “death metal” part of “melodic death metal” but it’s still curious to hear these sounds. Regardless, this album is fucking killer. Another notch on the post of awesome for Sweden.